FHW507.V2 FHW507.V2
Radio Transmit Convertible DECT7 Bluetooth Headset
UHW507.V2 UHW507.V2
Radio Transmit Under-Helmet DECT7 Bluetooth Wireless Headset.
FHW505.V2 FHW505.V2
Radio Transmit Convertible DECT7 Headset
UHW505.V2 UHW505.V2
Radio Transmit Under-Helmet DECT7 Wireless Headset
UHW503.V2 UHW503.V2
Intercom-Only DECT7 Wireless Headset
FH-51 FH-51
PTT radio transmit; over-the-head style.
UH-51 UH-51
Under-helmet wired headset with full-duplex intercom and PTT radio transmit.
FH-51S FH-51S
Over the Head Single Ear Wired Headset with PTT Radio Transmit
UH-51S UH-51S
Under-helmet wired headset with one slotted dome. Full-duplex intercom and PTT radio transmit.
FH-52 FH-52
Over-the-head PTT intercom, listen-only radio
UH-52 UH-52
PTT Intercom / Listen-Only Radio
FH-54 FH-54
Push-on/push-off intercom with listen-only radio.
UH-54 UH-54
Push-On/Push-Off Intercom with Listen-Only Radio
Firecom Connect Firecom Connect
Pairs with headsets or Firecom Wireless Base Stations.
WB505R.V2 WB505R.V2
DECT7 Wireless Base Station 5 Person Radio Transmit
5000D Digital Intercoms 5000D Digital Intercoms
Connects headsets with up to 4 radios and 4 auxiliary devices.
110-210 Intercoms 110-210 Intercoms
One- and two-person mobile radio communication interface systems.
HM-30 Pump Panel Module HM-30 Pump Panel Module
Easy, one-handed operation when plugging in wired headsets.
Mobile Radio Interface Guide Mobile Radio Interface Guide
Connect your mobile radio to a Firecom intercom.
Silicone Ruggedizers Silicone Ruggedizers
Designate colors for specific roles and increased visibility.
Replacement Battery Replacement Battery
3.7V lithium-ion replacement battery for 500-Series wireless headsets.
Portable Radio Adapters Portable Radio Adapters
Connect your portable radio to a 500-Series wireless headset.
NFPA-compliant Hanger Hook NFPA-compliant Hanger Hook
For use with a single wired or wireless under-helmet headset.
Ear Seals Ear Seals
Long-wearing comfort in a variety of styles.