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Since 1989, Firecom has supplied leading edge technology in advanced communication devices to the fire and rescue industry.
From our completely wireless headsets to our rugged, durable intercom systems, Firecom has built the most trusted name in the industry by continuously developing innovative products. With a first-class customer service department and a knowledgeable dealer network, Firecom leads the way in communication equipment by continually focusing on quality, hearing protection, ease of use, and system features that improve fire crew safety and effectiveness.The first Firecom intercom system was introduced in 1990 at the Fire Department Instructors Conference. Since that time, Firecom has maintained a very close relationship with fire departments, striving to research and develop new advancements, always improving safety and communication effectiveness.

In 2008, Firecom introduced the industry’s first completely wireless headset, with no external antennas or wires that reduce reliability and inhibit firefighter mobility. Our wireless headsets use patented DECT technology to support hands-free full-duplex crew communication on the rig and across the fireground, ensuring continuous communication.

In 2011, Firecom continued its industry leadership with the introduction of second-generation wireless headsets, delivering extended capabilities that further enhance fire crew safety and effectiveness.

For years, Firecom has provided the longest standard product warranty in the industry – two years. Firecom service and support has consistently earned customer praise for responsiveness, thoroughness, and flexibility. In addition to unparalleled customer piece of mind, the benefits include priority status on technical support, priority repair time and shipping, and discounts up to 50 percent on batteries and non-warranty repairs.

Whether you are specifying new apparatus, installing intercoms in existing equipment, or replacing outmoded communication gear, you can trust Firecom, its OEMs, and its reseller dealers to configure and provide the most rugged and dependable communication systems available to the fire industry. Contact us today at 800-527-0555.

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