Product Repair and Replacement

For product repair or replacement call 503-684-6647 5:00am – 5:00pm Pacific Time, Monday – Friday

If you would prefer to start the repair/replacement process using the online form, click here.

To download PDF RMA form click here.

Pre-paid Flat Rate Out of Warranty Price Schedule. All prices are per piece and include UPS Ground shipping back.

Product Flat rate repair price Upgrade price Notes
FH-X Dual Plug FH Style No Longer Supported $290 New FH-X with HM-10
UH-X Dual Plug UH Style No Longer Supported $290 New UH-X with HM-10
FH-XX Non-Glove Rugged Style $170 $255 Repaired with Glove Rugged plug
UH-XX Non-Glove Rugged Style $170 $255 Repaired with Glove Rugged plug
FH-XX Glove Rugged Style $120 Glove Rugged plug
UH-XX Glove Rugged Style $120 Glove Rugged plug
DW-XX Glove Rugged Style $120 Glove Rugged plug
HH-XX Glove Rugged Style $120 Glove Rugged plug
UHW-XX Wireless UH Style $160
FHW-XX Wireless FH Style $160
BPX-XX Belt Pack $160
WBXX Wireless Base Stations $160
110 Intercom $100
210 Intercom $100
3000X Intercoms $100
DR-1C Interface $100
30XXR Remote Head $100
3000X Intercoms $100
TC-3.1 $100
AI Analog Interface $100
30XXR (3010 / 3020) Intercoms $175
Panther C1/C2 $300
500XD Digital Intercom $200
Portlable ComHub $250
Prices effective 1/1/2013

Return Material Authorization (RMA) Conditions

  1. Product sent without a visible RMA number on the packaging or sent via COD will be refused.
  2. We suggest prepayment to expedite turnaround time.
  3. At our discretion we may swap your product with factory refurbished or new product.
  4. If you are sending an intercom for service, in addition to enclosing a note describing the problem, please provide
    the following additional information: model and quantity of headsets used with the intercom, and the number of hours the intercom has been in use.
  5. Consumables, like removable head pads/straps, ear seals, and batteries, are not covered by your warranty and will not be replaced under warranty.
  6. Custom and Special product has a 90-day warranty.
  7. Additional policies for Pre-Paid Flat Rate Out of Warranty Returns:
    • Firecom will not repair the following issues and will only offer replacement pricing for the following: units requiring replacement of domes, water damage, damage from unauthorized repair or modifications, or units damaged beyond repair.
    • UPS ground return shipping included within the United States.
    • Returns/Repairs are considered abandoned if we don’t hear back from you within 14 days after our last attempt to contact you and will be sent back unrepaired at your expense.
    • All out of warranty repairs will have a 90-day warranty on the repaired part(s) only.
    • Prepayment is required for us to process all non-warranty flat rate repairs. Include a valid credit card, check, or purchase order number information with your equipment.
    • Flat rate repairs sent in without prepayment will be returned to the customer unrepaired at the customer’s expense.

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