testimonial-pic1Fire Chief Mark Amsinger
Lake Ozark Fire Protection District
Lake Ozark, MO

Our department was looking for a system that would provide safety for the crews on the truck. We decided to go with Firecom’s new wireless system for our first out truck and our two fireboats. The reason we went with the wireless systems was the features. One of the features we like is the ability to communicate with the driver when we are backing the apparatus. In the past we relied on hand signals as the only form of communication between the spotter and the driver. Now we can supplement the visual signals of the spotter with direct vocal communications for the safety of the public, crew and apparatus.

A second feature we like about the wireless system is that the crew is not tied to the truck. In the case of the fire boats, the operator or deck hand can move about the boat to perform different tasks like operate the deck gun, tie off the boat or perform other vital tasks without missing any vital information that might be said over the radio. Where in the past with the wired systems we have on some other trucks the person may miss something because they would have to disconnect from a jack and plug into a different jack.

Overall I am extremely satisfied with the performance of the systems and would highly recommend them.

testimonial-pic2Sergeant Steve Thoroughman,
Clackamas County Sheriff’s Department
Oregon City, OR

The wireless firecoms we have installed in our boats have made communications among the boat crew much more effective. Previously, when performing rescues or other operations, the boat operator and crewman were limited because the crewman, in order to move around the boat, would have to take off his firecom. Now we can talk over the boat and water noise and I can even drop the crewman off on the shore and still talk to him like he was sitting next to me. This has made us a much safer and more effective team. We have tested the range of the wireless firecoms and have been very impressed.

testimonial-pic3Captain Albert Rickwalt,
MCLB Fire Department
Barstow, CA

As you are aware of the MCLB Fire Department has just recently purchased five (5) FIRECOM wireless head sets from Fire Comm for our new Truck and Engine. The other sets are to be installed in current equipment on the installation. The installation and service was beyond expectations. We have had great success with the unit installed in the new engine. We drove around the Base on several occasions and were able to get up to ¼ mile . The system worked flawlessly through all obstacles. We have also used the head sets on several emergency calls and has worked great. Thank you for making a product that works so well.

testimonial-pic4Drew Collier, Firefighter,
Groveland Fire Department
Groveland, CA

The Groveland Fire Dept. has recently outfitted and placed in service a brand new Type 1 Fire Engine. We are in the same position as many other small departments in that we have to be very budget conscience in these hard economic times. That being said, we were in no position to buy headsets twice, in case the wireless headsets did not perform up to par. We expressed this concern to Brent Hunter who reassured us the product was top quality; he also offered us a temporary demo. We put the demo in our now second out engine. The headsets performed so well that we bought them to keep permanently wired in that engine. In our new engine we have a wireless for the operator/driver which provides for our hearing protection while pumping without being tethered to the pump panel. We also have a wireless intercom only headset in the back. It is now our policy that the engine backer will have verbal coms with the operator and the same person will be responsible for grabbing the hydrant while being able to talk to the operator. All in all a good buy and a great purchase to increase the safety of the firefighters on the ground.