The Difference is Clear! - Firecom Wireless Headsets

Hear the clear difference that Firecom's DECT7(TM) wireless headsets make as we ride along with the crew of Molalla FD.

When Every Second Counts - Firecom

For first responders, the difference between prepared and unprepared lives in those crucial seconds of communication between command, crew and dispatch. Firecom hears you, loud and clear.

Hearing is Believing - Firecom DECT7 Wireless Headsets

Firefighting is a noisy business. Clear communication is mission critical, and often a matter of life and death. As the leader in apparatus communications systems, Firecom is proud to bring you the latest in our series of high-performance wireless headsets featuring DECT7. DECT7 features a wider audio bandwidth that enables better voice perception at both high and low frequencies. By reducing noise, DECT7 promote clarity and reduces the stress associated with prolonged noise exposure. Hearing is believing. Call (800) 527-0555 to schedule a demo of Firecom’s DECT7 apparatus communication system.

Firecom - Tiller Training with Steve Crothers

Operating a tractor-drawn aerial is no easy task, and Steve Crothers with http://Tractordrawnaerial.com knows how put tiller operators through the paces to get them ready. Using wireless headsets, they can see every maneuver to coach operators in-the-moment for more dynamic and effective training. View Firecom Wireless Headsets: https://www.firecom.com/next-generation-wireless-headsets/

Firecom - Wireless headsets put to work with Mollala Fire

Fire crews use Firecom 500-Series Wireless Headsets to communicate inside and outside the truck...even on extrications. They use Listen-Through Technology to add environmental sound for precise situational awareness. All while protecting hearing and communicating hands-free. Learn More: https://www.firecom.com/next-generation-wireless

Firecom wireless with Clackamas County Sheriff Marine Patrol

Steve Thoroughman with Clackamas County Sheriff Marine Patrol takes a few minutes to talk about faster water rescues with new Firecom wireless headsets.

Introducing Firecom's new digital intercom

Introduction and overview of Firecom's new digital intercoms

Firecom on Puget Sound

Join Firecom for a wild trip across the choppy waters of Puget Sound as two Mercer Island, WA police officers try out Firecom headsets.

Newberg, Oregon Fire Department Burn to Learn

Documentary on a Burn to Learn by the Newberg Fire Department. To learn more about Firecom communication systems, visit http://www.firecom.com or Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/firecom.facebk

Firecom headsets: Superior hearing protection & clear communication

Watch a demonstration of how Firecom headsets provide superior hearing protection and crystal-clear communications for fire fighters and other first responders. For More Information visit www.firecom.com.

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