DECT6 wireless technology

Crystal-clear, interference-free and secure communication compared to Bluetooth
Memory foam ComLeather ear seals
Fits comfortably for hours
PTT radio, Full-duplex intercom.
Red push-to-talk over radio button; full-duplex intercom and listen-only radio when button not engaged
Three-way adjustable boom.
Precise microphone placement, comfort and performance
Adjustable Mic.
Adjustable microphone cancels out surrounding noises and allows clear communication without shouting.
One slotted dome without speaker.
Allows ambient noise for situational awareness – no hearing protection
Volume Control.
Easily adjust speaker volume from the headset.
Firecom Quality.
The same Firecom quality and durability that you have come to depend on.

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volume PTT Electret Mic Slotted Dome 3 Way Adjustable Mic Boom Comfort firecom dect

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