Firecom’s Water-resistant Remote Intercom

From in-cab to on-scene, Firecom’s new 5000D Water-resistant Remote Intercom connects your entire crew for critical communications.

5000D Remote Head

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  • Designed to be mounted outside the apparatus at the pump panel or other water-exposed location, the Remote Intercom duplicates the in-cab control panel of the 5000D Series Digital Intercom.
  • Connect up to 40 crew members, select from up to four mobile radios (including simulcast mode) and up to four additional auxiliary devices like cellular phones and MP3 players.
“…we like…that the crew is not tied to the truck.”
Chief Mark Amsinger
Lake Ozark Fire Protection District

The 5000D Remote Head is easy to install in pump panels and other crucial locations

The 5000D Remote Head is impervious to water or other fluids

Radio D Radio C Radio B Aux 1 Aux 2 squelch Dimensions Volume Down Volume Up Aux 3 Squelch Up Radio A Cell Squelch Down Rugged Dimensions Status Audio Rugged Dimensions Faceplate Firecom

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