Wired Headsets

FH-51 FH-51
PTT radio transmit; over-the-head style.
UH-51 UH-51
Under-helmet wired headset with full-duplex intercom and PTT radio transmit.
FH-51S FH-51S
Over the Head Single Ear Wired Headset with PTT Radio Transmit
UH-51S UH-51S
Under-helmet wired headset with one slotted dome. Full-duplex intercom and PTT radio transmit.
FH-52 FH-52
Over-the-head PTT intercom, listen-only radio
UH-52 UH-52
PTT Intercom / Listen-Only Radio
FH-54 FH-54
Push-on/push-off intercom with listen-only radio.
UH-54 UH-54
Push-On/Push-Off Intercom with Listen-Only Radio