Turn your apparatus into a command post with intercom units from Firecom. Sophisticated electronics provide clear communication without background noise interference while ensuring constant, secure communications with everyone riding in or working around the apparatus.

The 5000D Series Digital Intercoms support control of up to four radios for simulcast interoperability with mutual aid or other agencies to improve operational efficiencies and responder safety. The Digital Intercom is customizable to accommodate new or existing radio and intercom configurations, will interface with up to four additional devices (including cell phone), and is 100 percent retrofit compatible with existing Firecom installations.

• Supports up to 4 radios
• Simulcast for interoperability
• Up to 4 Aux - including cell phone
5000D Series Digital Intercoms

• Monitor/transmit 1 mobile radio
• Connection: 1 headset/base station
110 Radio Interface

• Monitor/transmit 1 mobile radio
• Connections: 2 headsets/base stations
210 Radio Interface