Mobile Radio Interface Guide

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ManufacturerModel of Mobile RadioType of DeviceCable NeededDiagram URLnotes
Midland70 series radios through the 4 pin mic portMOBILE RADIOMR-16X
Midland70 series radios through the RJ-45 mic portMOBILE RADIOA00-0172-00 custom 2-3 weeks
MidlandAstro with W series headMOBILE RADIOMR-1X
MidlandLXT38MOBILE RADIOA00-0424-00custom 2 - 3 weeks
MidlandOlympian series through the mic portMOBILE RADIOA00-0172-30 custom 2-3 weeks
MidlandSTMMOBILE RADIOA00-0359-00custom 2 - 3 weeks
MidlandXTR series through the 4 pin mic portMOBILE RADIOMR-16X
Midland70-145, 70-148, 70-154PORTABLE RADIOHH-23XObsolete
Midland70-155PORTABLE RADIOHH-16XObsolete
Midland70-195 ObsoletePORTABLE RADIONA
Midland70-245, 70-248PORTABLE RADIOHH-23XObsolete
Midland70-295 ObsoletePORTABLE RADIONA
MidlandPL-5161PORTABLE RADIOA00-0194-00Inactive - contact us for current status
MidlandThe Midland - X-TALKER 26-Mile, 22-Channel PORTABLE RADIOPR-8