Mobile Radio Interface Guide

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ManufacturerModel of Mobile RadioType of DeviceCable NeededDiagram URLnotes
Vertex2000, 2100, 2200, 2500, 3200, 4100, 4200, 4500, 4600 through mic portMOBILE RADIOMR-28X
VertexVX-4000, 5500, 6000 through mic port, dash and with remote head(s)MOBILE RADIOA00-0165-30custom 2-3 weeks
VertexVX-4500, VX-4600 through accessory portMOBILE RADIOA00-0426-00Custom 2-3 weeks lead time
VertexVX-4600MOBILE RADIOA00-0426-00custom 2 - 3 weeks
VertexVX-7100, VX-7200 through mic porMOBILE RADIOMR-28X
Vertex82X, 92XPORTABLE RADIOA00-0492-00DE-US custom 2 - 3 weeks
VertexVertex 800PORTABLE RADIOHH-62X A00-0053-00Obsolete
VertexVertex 900PORTABLE RADIODW-62U A00-0053-10Inactive - contact us for current status
VertexVertex portablePORTABLE RADIODW-64U under helmetA00-0125-00
VertexVertex portablePORTABLE RADIODW-64F over headA00-0125-10
VertexVertex portablePORTABLE RADIODW-64US under helmet, slotted dome A00-0125-20Inactive - contact us for current status